5 Latest and Most Advanced Technology Today


With this latest technology, it is very easy for humans to carry out all their activities. Every time, the latest and most advanced technology is present and accepted by the community. This technology replaces its predecessor technology which is considered ancient. Such is the pace of technology in human life.

Currently, the latest and most advanced technology has emerged and hit the global market. So what is the latest and most advanced technology? Here are some of the latest technologies you should know about;

1. Smartwatch

Actually, this technology is not new in Indonesia or the world. Before becoming a mini smartphone, this smartwatch was once dubbed as a mini-tablet and mini PDA. But now after experiencing several improvements this smartwatch can be used as a sophisticated communication tool.

Apparently, this advanced technology has existed since 1978. Yes, at that time the world community was shocked by the discovery of new technology, namely a watch product with an electronic calculator feature.

Then a few years later appeared various smartwatch products from several well-known brands with different sophistication. Starting from the touch screen calculator feature to a watch that can be used to communicate.

Currently, smartwatches have reappeared with the latest and most advanced technology. In mid-2015, this smartwatch was officially launched by one of the biggest technology companies, namely Sony.

It is not only technology that is the flagship of this Sony brand, in the production process Sony also collaborates with one of the world’s fashion companies. It aims to make its smartwatch more fashionable and stylish. Of course with a cool and unique design that makes people want to have it.

The facilities and features of the smartwatch are also quite complete. Besides being used for telephones, smartwatches can also access various social media that are currently popular. The battery is not inferior to that used by smartphones, a battery with a power of 300 mAh and is equipped with Bluetooth and a USB slot.
The operating system of this smartwatch is also the latest you know, namely Android 4.4 KitKat. The 1.54-inch screen, waterproof and unique design make this smartwatch a trend in itself.

2. Virtual Goggles

Virtual Goggles or Virtual Reality is one of the newest and most advanced technologies that is currently being discussed in the world. The form of technology is glasses. Yes, glasses that are equipped with super-advanced technology.

Technological tools with a sophistication that wow Hollywood films are like being realized in their original form. Now we can have a variety of high-tech tools just like the ones in the movies. Starting from computers to cars in movies now exist and are real in our lives.

The term Virtual Reality was first used and echoed in the early 1990s. Then in 2010, the name Virtual Reality was changed to Virtual Goggles.
This latest and most advanced technology is a technology that brings the world virtually using 3D computers. These virtual goggles use stereoscopic goggles, aka glasses, as a 3D image medium.

So by using this advanced technology we can see our surroundings as if we were alive. The way Virtual Goggles work is the same as 3D glasses, but more sophisticated because it is supported by super technology.

3. Jet pack

This latest and most advanced technology is also commonly seen in films or fictional game worlds. Well, this Jet Pack has become one of the advanced technologies in films that are realized in the real world. This tool is able to make humans fly using jets using gas fuel.

This Jet Pack is produced by the TAM company, which is the first and only company in the world that has produced this advanced tool. The company produces a Jet Pack with a complete package of costumes designed by Rocket Belt.

This Jet Pack is made of aerospace material equipped with a special refining machine. The engine functions to produce hydrogen peroxide fuel. This tool can fly up to an altitude of 1,000 meters above sea level and stay in the air for 30 minutes. Not only that, but the speed also reaches 119 kilometers per hour.

4. Flying Car

In various films, be it action films or animated films, we often see cars that can fly. Now flying cars really exist in the real world. This latest technology is called “The Highway in The Sky”.

This flying car is still in the production and testing stages. Besides being used on land, this car can also be used in the air. The purpose of the creation of this flying car is to reduce the congestion that plagues countries in the world that are increasingly chronic.

You also don’t need to worry about its safety, because this car is also equipped with top-notch safety and security features. This car is capable of traveling up to 450 miles and can fly up to 100 miles per hour in the air at high speeds.

The presence of this flying car is highly anticipated. In addition, this car is predicted to be able to overcome traffic jams. It is estimated that this car is ready to operate if there is approval from the Federal Aviation Administration.

5. Touch Screen Mirror

Currently, various kinds of electronic equipment are presented in the touch screen concept, ranging from smartphones to televisions. Now comes the latest and most advanced technology with the same concept, but more amazing.

Because this technology is not an electronic device, but a smart mirror. Yes, this smart mirror called Cybertecture Mirror is equipped with super-advanced technology. This mirror is manufactured by a company in Hong Kong.

The company introduced its latest product, namely a revolutionary mirror that has a display in the form of a digital application program. Not only that, what’s even more surprising is that this smart mirror features stereo speakers, WiFi, Waterproofing, IP41, and various other advanced features.

The smart mirror can be used in two modes, namely active and passive mode. This Cybertecture Mirror can be controlled via a remote controller or smartphone. Yes, this magic mirror can be connected to our smartphone.

This smart mirror can be used as your personal assistant. Why is that? Because, this magic mirror is able to provide various important information, can be used as a communication tool, and is able to monitor your health through an automatic sensor.

This latest and most advanced technology is very suitable for use in offices, hospitals, homes, or in various public environments. This smart mirror is priced at HKD 60,000 ($7,733).

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